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Overnight with Mistress UltraViolet Ft. Mistress Zoe Red - Thu Jun 10 2021



Registered: Fri Aug 31 2018


I have been serving Mistress Ultra Violet since 2017 and I have to say this last session has been my most amazing session yet. This session actually started a little bit before I even met her when she ordered me locked up in chastity and told me to purchase some slutty lingerie for myself (from Victoria Secrets). On the actual day of the session, Mistress had me pick up a few bottles of water and some other drinks before we started. Once purchased she instructed me to come to her dungeon where she met me at the door looking absolutely amazing like she normally does. I was told to go to the bathroom and strip down to my lingerie for her. Once I was stripped, she led me to get my makeup done for our guest who was coming over soon. After I was all dolled up, she led me to the cross where she gave me a nice flogging to warm me up, and that was when Mistress Zoe Red came in and looked me over. Afterwards, I performed a little striptease for them that ended with me giving Mistress Ultra Violet a lap dance. Afterwards, they led me to the sissy room where they proceeded to both inflict some CBT on me. Mistress Ultra Violet started off the CBT but gave some instructions for Mistress Zoe who took over for a little bit and I was left alone with Mistress Zoe Red. When they took me to the spanking bench where they strapped me down and proceeded to stretch me out with some anal plugs and also used some toys to give me a few spankings. They then put a hood on me and took me to a cage where they left me for a while. Once they felt I was ready they took me back to the bench where they took the plugs out of me and proceeded to double team me with Mistress Ultra Violet taking my back hole and Mistress Zoe Red taking my mouth. That went on until it was time for Mistress Zoe to leave, where they took me off the bench so I could worship Mistress Zoe before she left. Mistress Ultra Violet then took me to the bedroom and chained me to the bed where I slept for the remainder of the night until Mistress woke me up the next morning. After Mistress gave me a chance to use the bathroom and brush my teeth, she went right back to torturing me and my pathetic cock and balls with sounds, crops, and clothespins. Finally, after Mistress had been using me as a spittoon and a toilet, she finally let me cum into a cup which she then poured it into my mouth immediately afterwards. It was an incredible experience one that I hope I will get to experience many times over. There were so many things during that session that I left out that I absolutely loved that I don’t know if I could properly describe them all. As always serving under Mistress Ultra Violet is an experience that was beyond amazing, and it was really fun to be under Mistress Zoe as she was learning from Mistress Ultra Violet as well.



Mistresses Zoe Red & Ultra Violet @ Atlanta Dungeon - Fri Dec 05 2021

I finally broke from my chains of personal bondage releasing myself to Mistress Zoe Red and Mistress Ultra Violet at to sissy submission and servitude. My first session I was shaking with excitement and uncertainty. Mistresses Ultra Violet and Zoe Red recognized my nervousness and calmed me while introducing me the pleasures of sissy subsumption. My second and most recent session Mistresses and I discussed what I was interested in. They had made me so comfortable from the first session that I left it up to the Mistresses desire. As Mistress Ultra Violet was doing my sissy makeup I watched Mistress Zoe Red's eyes. You could see as the thought process of what to do ran through Mistresses beautiful face. It excited me with uncertainty of what to expect.

Mistresses Ultra Violet and Zoe Red took me to new heights that I never thought I would go. They used their experience to know how far to take the training as well as maintaining communication to insure I was doing okay and relaxing me. I am in great anticipation our next session with over whelming excitement. If you have never had a session with Mistresses Ultra Violet and Zoe Red you need to make an appointment soon. If you have not release yourself from your personal bondage release yourself and go to and free yourself to new exciting experiences.

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