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Meet your Mistress

There is nothing more erotic than turning an ordinary man into a quivering slut.


I am Mistress Zoe Red, 5'9" with striking red hair and light caramel eyes. Gifted with a 37-28-37 measurement and natural equipment, I am unique and "one of a kind". Ever since I can remember, I have wondered why women (of all kinds) have never been fully dominant. I have seen so many chose to live a life of submission or equality; while I respect their decisions, I'd like to take it a bit further. When I started as a Dominatrix, I began to realize that BDSM is the evolution of making love. In this day and age where modesty is at an all time low and everything is hyper-sexualized, BDSM is the next step in this inevitable process. 

Now what started as a part-time thing has turned into a full-blown obsession. I spend My days plotting out My sessions, obsessing over kink related media, and working on My body to increase My sway over men.


I have never found something more fun, more rewarding, and more befitting than making a man get on his knees to worship Me. Men are so pent up, having to put on a show for their friends, coworkers, and colleagues, only to be unable to let their guard down and be free. The only regret most have after seeing Me is that their satisfaction turns to craving, and most feel compelled to experience Me, as well as what they've become, all over again.

I exclusively perform sessions at Atlanta Dungeon, located in the affluent Buckhead neighborhood.

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